Dear Nan (for those of you who do not know my family's names, Nan is my grandmother. My Mom's Mom. I am only allowed to call her Nan.),


Thank you for making the following story possible.

Today I received an email. It read: have a story....

i was at a funeral the other day at which your grandmother was in attendance. haha. she is so funny. she was telling me how cold it was, it wasn't too cold but...whatevs... :) she had her fur coat anyhow. :) then idk how we even got on the subject but then we talked about you. she wanted to know if i knew your brothers and such. i told her no that i just knew you. that is all. then we talked more about you. she told me how you are in pageants. she told me how she is just amazed at what things are "attractive and appropriate" these days to wear. she told me about how you are just drop dead gorgeous and how you need a husband. that i should really consider marrying you. that her daughter is jane which is deidre's mom. she is really nice and so is her husband. she really likes them. that you gave her a really nice something or other for her birthday i cant remember what you gave her she told me though. o...and do you know deidre's brothers? and somehow we are related to each other cause she is related to the babbles and rhoda or something is related to the welkers. so that is cool. deidre is in utah going to byu. she loves it there and is doing well. she is really attractive and wants to get married. "i wish she could." that is the basics i think. haha. there was more but i don't remember them all. haha

in was really fun and funny to talk to her. my boss was like do you know her? why were you talking so long? we have work to do...haha. i was like well she had to tell me something. i got her as quick as i could. she just wouldnt let me go. haha. i cant wait to see her again and here more... :)

That sounds like a typical Nan story. Nan, I just need to straighten out a few things:
1. I will need a husband eventually, but I don't NEED one right away.
2. I will find my own husband, not every boy in Twin Falls needs to consider marrying me.
3. You are right, I did give you something really nice for your birthday.
4. I will want to get married when the time is right, it isn't on a check list or something.
5. You don't need to wish for me to get married.

Thank you for being so concerned about my eternal progression. You are a nice grandma and everyone that meets you really loves you.

Deidre (or as Nan would call me Dolly Bumps)
Nicole Erin said...

I LOVE NAN SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! and you. :)

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