Dear Salt Lake City,

There is so much I could say to you. Thank you mostly. Thank you for providing a day of fun for my friends and I. I feel so lucky to live near a town where a TLC TV show is filmed, a Disney Channel movie was made, and where delicious hamburgers are char-broiled daily. Nicole, McKay, and I enjoyed our day in your city. Hatch Family Chocolates, home of The Little Chocolatiers, was an exciting stop we wish the store was open when we got there, though we do respect Pioneer Day. (Don't worry, we will try again in the very near future.) East High was nothing but pure enjoyment and excitement. East High, where AMAZING happens. High School Musical, you are amazing. I loved peeping in the back windows to see the cafeteria where so many amazing scenes were filmed. Crown Burger, you are supreme. Enough said. Also. The Gateway and The Capitol Building brought joy to our faces. It was a well documented and much loved day. 



Mom said...

Burger Supreme or Crown Burger, I am confussed

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