Dear College Campus Rules,


Rule #1 - Never run on campus. You are already late, running isn't going to change that fact. Plus you just look like a crazy person. This morning I saw someone running to class and she couldn't keep her backpack on and she looked so worn out. I felt bad. Class had obviously already started, it was 10:02. She was also yelling hi at people she knew as she ran by them. Have you ever noticed when you are running you seem to talk louder? Maybe because you think that people wont hear you over the wind while you are rushing past them? False. They can hear you. You are loud. What is even worse about running. You get sweaty and look a hot mess. Then you get to class and you wonder why you ran. Don't run... problem solved.

Rule #2 - Do not wear noticeable high school apparel. There is a big difference between regular high school apparel that just has maybe a logo or something like that and something that says "SENIORS '09 RULE!" If you wear those shirts not only do you look like you are stuck in high school, you also have just labeled yourself a freshman, eternally. No matter how mature you act people will know, you are a freshman. I admit, I have broken this rule. I was a fool. There was this cute boy in my class freshman year, and I was wearing a "Bruin '07" shirt. We were chatting and he seemed like he thought I was cool. And then I took off my jacket and he saw my shirt and then he was like, "How old are you....?" Ruined all chances. Never again did I wear high school apparel to campus. Although I do wear it to the gym. Because that is the time when I do not care what I look like. Save high school attire for working out.

Rule #3 - Socks with sandals. Don't do it.

Rule #4 - Walking, merging, and stopping. Let us talk about campus sidewalk etiquette. I am just going to go through a few key rules within this rule"
1. If you are going to chat with a friend, do not stop in the middle of a hall or sidewalk, kindly move to the side.
2. If you are going to merge in front of someone, do not slow down, stay at the same pace because it will cause a collision otherwise.
3. If you want to text, please do not text and walk at the same time unless you can clearly see you will not hit a single person.
4. Stay with the flow of traffic, do not walk extremely slow.
5. Do not cut someone off and then stop walking to talk.
6. When you are walking straight at somebody and one of you needs to move just pick a side and commit, you'll run into somebody half the time but they'll be the one feeling guilty for not picking the right way to go.

Rule #5 - High heels are not needed to look mature. I understand that sometimes people have interviews, presentations, meetings, and other things that require dressing nice. I wear high heels on campus sometimes too. But everyday... not so much. A few things I have learned from when I tried to be a "classy dresser".
A. They hurt SO bad walking on campus all day.
B. They make somewhat annoying noises.
C. Most boys aren't impressed my the ability to wear uncomfortable shoes all day.
There are shoes that look just as nice, and are flat to the ground and have all day comfort, just remember that.

Rule #6 - Carry your back pack. Really? A rolling backpack? How lazy are you? Backpacks are meant specifically for that, your back. If you are going to have a rolling one, you might as well just get a nice rolling suitcase so it can be multi-purpose. Once my friend saw a girl with a rolling crate of some sorts and inside was her instrument, backpack, and some other surprises. College is about growth. Lets all grow some muscles and carry our backpacks.

Rule #7 - Wear clothes. It would seem so simple to someone over the age of... 16? Pajamas are meant for sleeping, not for wearing to school. Yes, I understand you are tired. We are all tired because we stayed up late last night on facebook, in the library, or doing some sort of activity. In fast, I can guarantee at least 50% of the people you see stayed up just as late if not later than you last night. They are all wearing clothes, whether it be sweatpants, jeans and a t-shirt, or a skirt among many other options, it is still clothing and not nightwear. Join us in getting somewhat ready for the day, okay?

Rule #8 - Do not complain about the weather. You can not control it. In fact, none of us can. Chances are, you are complaining because you are not wearing the right clothing for the weather. For example... It is 57 degrees outside, cloudy skies, a little windy, looks like it might rain, can you picture it? A boy walks into my class wearing flip flops, jeans, and a t-shirt. He sits next to me and says "Man, I hate this weather, so much! It is so cold out there. Don't you think it is cold?" I just say, "It wasn't too bad." And in my head I am thinking. It wasn't too bad because I wore boots and a jacket... Maybe if Mr. Sunshine would have thought about wearing even a sweatshirt or closed toed shoes he might not have been that cold. And him telling me how much he hates the weather is just slightly annoying. We are in Utah. It is cold. Deal.

These are a few rules. If you have any alterations, or suggestions, please share.
Brandon & Melissa said...

lol, oh Deidre, this is so funny, because it's so true! I especially enjoyed reading about the high heels. I made that mistake a couple times, and I always ended up with blisters. :P I also liked the one about traffic down the halls/sidewalk. I always hated it when someone would be walking really slow, and I couldn't get around them, and then they would stop right in front of me to talk to someone. It's like, "Uh...thanks????" lol, nice blog by the way! :)

Diana said...

hahaha I laughed out loud on this one deej! I love it. I HATE SLOW WALKING PEOPLE. period. they are obnoxious. You nailed it with this post!
p.s. good to see you today. Did we move to the side of the sidewalk to talk? haha

Rachel said...

I like these rules. Everyone a necessary rule with true facts to support. I give my stamp of approval

Justin said...

o boy. haha. that is too funny. i agree with them. i really like the pj one. i hate people who cant get dressed. like wow. :) i am however always impressed with people who wear heels. :) as long as they can walk in them. :) glad you posted this however. :)

Sean said...


Anonymous said...

I die -- these are hilarious -- especially #3 :)

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