Dear Blog Day,


Today has been blog discovery day. And I have loved every single second of it. I decided to tell people last night to read my blog. I didn't actually tell them... I just posted it on my facebook status. And to my surprise, a few people actually listened! How do I know? I know because they commented on my blog. Best feeling ever. Let me tell you why I liked getting comments:

1st. Now I know people actually read my blog. Now I don't have to type something that I think is fantastic, or that I want to share and think, "Oh! I wonder who will read this little treasure!"

2nd. It is confirmation that I am funny. The reason it is confirmation is because of this comment I got... "hahaha I laughed out loud on this one deej!" Thank you for posting that. It made me feel like I have actually accomplished something.

3rd. I found out some of my friends have blogs. And I didn't even know.

4th. When I went to read my friends' blogs, I found out that even more of them have blogs when I saw their name on the side column of the blogs I was peeping.

It turned into a blog realization day if you will. I realized that my blog is not pointless, I realized that everyone has a blog if you just peep around the internet, and I realized it is time I update the look of my blog. The end.
The Peanut. said...

Hahaha! This is why I love you. :)


Jill said...

I read your blog!!! You crack me up.

Rachel said...

I'm so happy you have a blog.

Diana said...

fyi, i added you to my reader so now i'll get ALL your updates!!!!! haha

Adam R. said...

I love you too...and I want to know how you change what the wording says.

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