something needs to happen.


I am in the blogging mood.

Everyday after I check my e-mail, I go to my blog so I can write something and then... imagine crickets. Really. I have nothing to write about. I open and close new posts each time being like "OH YEAH!!! I can write about this because it was so funny when it happened and everyone will love to hear about it." But then I start typing and I am like, "Really Deidre?... No one wants to hear that story." So I delete it and then sit around thinking about what else went on that I could write about.

Obviously, after sitting around for a few days I have thought of the campaign. Worth while, right? Right. But besides that, my life is like an old dusty shelf. And all I can think of to write is that I have nothing to write. Congratulations everyone, you now get to read about how boring my life has turned.
Mallory said...

you can always have one post a day dedicated to ME. just a thought (demand).

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