I got to go to Seattle this weekend. Quickest trip of my life. Drive home Friday, continue to Seattle.... wow, really? LONG DRIVE. Get to Seattle, talk to Sean, sneak a peep at baby Noah (precious, as my dad would say "so little"), and go to bed. Seattle. I love it. Really. I don't care that it was raining nearly the entire trip. I really enjoyed it there. I got to see so much cool stuff. The Locks, Experience Music Project, Pike's Market, and other great things. We went to Ivar's for some fish and chips and clam chowder out by the water. It was really yummy, and fun to be outside seeing all the seagulls come eat the extra food. Pike's market was cool because of the beautiful flowers, people throwing fishes, so many random people playing instruments on the side of the street (including a saw), protesters, and just fun things to buy. Experience Music Project was really cool. It was neat to read about how music has developed in Seattle, see the different items from bands that developed in that area, look at the history of the electric guitar, and see Jimi Hendrix's history. Did you know the first rapper in Seattle was Sir Mix-a-lot... baby got back. Okay, I thought that was interesting. They also had this AWESOME guitar sculpture. Favorite part of that little adventure was the sound lab. You could learn how to play all these different instuments and then there was a "jam room" where you could go record stuff. Sean, Eric, and I went in there and rotated instruments, the best song we recorded? "Part of Your World" from Little Mermaid, Sean on bass and vocals, Eric on the drums, and me on the piano. We also made some delicious carmel popcorn and Cincinnati chili, A+. But really, the best part of the entire trip I got to hold my precious nephew. Noah Ervin Edmunds. He is so cute and just a sleeper. The reason we went up was for his baby blessing. His blessing was great, and it was nice to be in Seattle with my family.
Jill said...

I've been to Seattle dozens of times and it hasn't rained on me cool is that? Love the flowers at the Pike Street Market (did you see the flying fish or get mini donuts??)

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