Dear Madness,


Well. I first want to start of by saying to all those who thought my bracket was wack... look who is in the final four. VILLANOVA. Not to brag or anything, but I am feeling pretty good about that. Okay. Moving on. I was so lucky to get to go to the first rounds of the NCAA games in Boise. My dad is on the Idaho Board of Education, and since they were held at BSU, he got some tickets. My seat was INCREDIBLE! Center court, 6 rows up. Really, doesn't get much better. I got to see two sessions, four games in total of the first round. We were going to go back for the second round, but decided we should probably just relax.

The games I got to see are:
  • Utah State vs. Marquette
  • Missouri vs. Cornell
  • Xavier vs. Portland
  • FSU vs. Wisconsin
It was so awesome. I loved it.

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