Miss Falls Valley.


I've done it again. I signed up for another pageant. Miss Falls Valley is a mini pageant to be held on April 3, 2009. I know what you people that know my pageant history may be thinking. Things like:

"Deidre, you are crazy."
"Remember how last time you decided you were done with pageants? And now you are doing another. I don't understand..."
"I think Deidre might be addicted to pageants!"
[insert your own quote here]

Well. The truth is. You are right. I am crazy. I did say I was done. But I am addicted, so I had to do another. As for your other comments, let me know... and I will respond accordingly. I feel really good about this one, and I know I have a lot of support from people around me (inside and outside of the pageant bubble). Here is my pageant to do list:

  • Shorten talent. ( How do they expect people to perform a whole climatic talent in 90 seconds?)
  • Pick a platform.
  • Get skinny and toned. (riiiiiight..... this one is always a work in progress)
  • Decide which dress and swimsuit.
  • Figure out how to do pageant hair since I chopped it.
If you can somehow help with my pageant checklist. Let me know. There is a possibility of four crowns to be given out at this pageant, and whoever gets one will compete at Miss Idaho in June. I really hope I make it there. In all honesty, I want to win. I would love to be that role model, I would love to be that support to girls who have ever questioned anything. I want to be a woman that promotes service and shows there are so many opportunities out there. Some people will listen to me and look at my example when I am just an "average girl", but being crowned would give me that voice. It would give me a bigger opportunity to promote what I am truly passionate for. That is why I am competing again, and that is why I hope to continue on to Miss Idaho.

For those of you who don't know my pageant history, let me give you a brief overview:

July 2007- Miss Magic Valley. Platform: Teaching Respect to Youth. Talent: Song/Dance. Everything went really well. I got lots of compliments, but I found out double talents are not the best choice (judges don't love them.)

July 2008- Miss Magic Valley. Platform: Young Voter Awareness. Talent: Tap Dance. In the preliminaries I won talent and interview. I scored lower in swimsuit, which is my weakest point. I was the 1st runner up to Miss Jessica Starley.

October 2008- Miss Tri Counties. Platform: Young Voter Awareness. Talent: Tap Dance. Really, not so into it. I was a little disconnected. I scored high in talent and interview. But they only announced the top three, needless to say. I was not one.

Now it is time to pick it up, and wow everyone at Miss Falls Valley.
Pray for me.
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