Dear March Madness,


Well. As we all know (if we watch sports) it is March, so that means the basketball brackets come out and people begin to talk about how "their team" is going to win. Today, I was invited to three different bracket competitions. One was with BYUSA, one comes from an "in-house" BYU Alumni competition, and one was a friendly offer from a co-worker to join his yahoo bracket competition.

I have gone through and re-done and re-done my bracket since the teams were announced Sunday, and I finally decided. I have my bracket finished. Now every bracket I make will reflect the ones I handed in today.

Sorry to say, BYU is not getting past the second round, it happens though, right? My final four is:

  1. Wake Forest
  2. Connecticut
  3. Villanova
  4. Oklahoma
Judge me if you want, but that is what I was feeling when I was filling out my final bracket. The championship is: Wake Forest vs. Villanova. Winner? Villanova. Tijs (my co-worker) said to that, "I am just not feeling like it is Villanova's year." We shall see Tijs, we shall see.

I'm just watching out for the underdog. But ya know... If you have any insight, let me know. If you want to let me join one more pool, let me know. If you want to join the BYUSA pool, click here.
Grandma Edmunds said...

This is Dad. What an embarrassment! Those teams aren't going to make it! Call me for advice on picking teams next time.

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