This week has been really crazy.

Elections for the new BYUSA President and Executive Vice President have been going on all week. Active campaigning started early early Monday morning. I have been the campaign manager for James and Leo's team. It went really well. We had quite a few volunteers. A lot of blue. Met handfuls of new people. And we were pegged as the least annoying campaign, which I was happy about.

After campaigning Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 7:30 until 5 on campus and then knocking doors until about 10:30 in different complexes, the preliminaries ended. My team's journey ended there with 14% of the votes.

The top two teams have been campaigning now. Team orange, Brooke and Andrew (ending with 30% of the votes) and team red, Elise and Landon (ending with 25% of the votes). They are both working hard for votes, and you can tell they both want it and are ready to work and do their job.

Today we will find out who wins!
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