Quickest road trip.


Here is what my Saturday and Sunday looked like.

Woke up at 9. I got ready for the day, packed, made some sandwiches, and got ready for my brother Eric to come and get me. Eric came around 10:15 and we hit the road. Driving driving driving. We stopped to eat lunch at Cove Fort... I think that was the name. Okay. My turn to drive. Driving driving driving. Got to St. George, switched back. POURING RAIN IN VEGAS! Wow. Got to Uncle Alan's house. Talked to him for about an hour and he showed us some pictures when I mentioned my interest in photography. At 5 we went to sushi. Sushi Fever, so good. Then we headed to the strip so we could see ELTON JOHN! Amazing. Wicked. Awesome. Loved it. Imagine giant car dealership-like blow up things all over the stage. Giant balloons with Elton John's face on them falling from the ceiling. Good music, good times. Seriously. I LOVED it. It was 2 hours of pure Elton just playing, singing, and being wonderful. If you dont like Elton John, I am very sorry. Opened with Benny and the Jets. Encore was Your Song. Okay. Loved it. That is the most I can say right now. Okay. Concert done. Back to Alan's. Bed. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Get in the car. Head back to Utah. Drive Drive Drive. Get to St. George. Eat at In and Out. I drive drive drive. Stop for gas and Eric drives. Welcome back to Provo!
Brandt said...

You ate at in-n-out on a sunday...the day after going to sin city...I don't believe you.

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