My Word for 2015


In 2014 I picked the word happy. I originally picked it as a reminder to myself to remain happy as Adam was away and I was doing things on my own. To move away from being a realist to become an optimist again. And while the year was full of trails, tears, and all of the above I can honestly say that Adam and I made the choices and moves that we needed to be happy. I still have a long way to come on finding all the good and not auditing everything that goes wrong, but 2014 was a step in the right direction. I can honestly say that Adam and I are much happier where we are. When he is here our work and life balance is on point and when he is away I know I will be able to find more good than bad. It might have taken almost all of 2014 to get here. But we are here! And just in time for 2015.

New year. New word.

Strong. Mentally strong. Emotionally strong. And physically strong. Three different points of growth for one single word.

Mentally strong. I want to build up my confidence. I want to be prepared for the good and the bad and take it like a champ! I want to get my hopes up for everything and celebrate when things work out even if they don't happen the way I wanted. I want to be able to take critiques and grow from them. I want to own mistakes and not make excuses. I want to build up mental stamina and become smarter. I want to learn.

Emotionally strong. I want to be strong for Adam when he is gone. I want to not care what people think of me. I want to not get offended by things that weren't meant to be offensive. Heck, I want to not be offended by things that were meant to be offensive. I want to be able to put my emotions in check and control them when I need to.

Physically strong. I want to be fit. I want to be in the best shape of my life. I want to be strong. I want to be able to plank for a whole minute without whining. I want to be able to do pushups without having to be on my knees. I want to strengthen my core so my back does not hurt anymore. Muscles and tone. I want it all. And since I know it takes awhile to build it all up, I am going to use 2015 for just that.

I want to be a strong woman! I want to be the strongest, best me and it all starts now. I am going to step out of my comfort zone. I am going to put myself out there. I am going to go to the gym. And I am going to be strong. I am going to be capable, active, energentic, durable, stable, tenacious, and vigorous. I am going to do it all. And I am going to be strong.
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