Weekday Wardrobe


I really love when weeks cruise by quickly. This week was the perfect combination of being busy and being able to relax. I spent Monday with my Mom at dinner and then DWTS. Tuesday was spent with Meg and a few of the Miss Idaho titleholders eating pizza for charity. Wednesday was spent getting my tires rotated, grocery shopping, and resting. Lots of rest. Thursday was tap. And now here we are at Friday. Tonight I am working an event at work and then going to the temple if I have time after. Sounds like a good, normal week to me! Now here is last week's outfits.

Monday | Top: Eleventh Avenue | Pants: Old Navy | Heels: TJMaxx
Tuesday | Top: Aro & Company |Pants: Old Navy | Booties: Target
Wednesday | Cardigan: NoVae | Dress: Downeast |Booties: Target
Thursday | Top: H&M |Pants: Old Navy | Flats: TJMaxx
Friday | Top: Gap | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Target

Okay so when I got dressed in the morning I would have picked Monday for my favorite outfit of the week. Because I am loving my new high neck striped top – it will actually be making an appearance on the blog very soon. I am a big fan of high necked things right now. But now looking at all the photos my favorite outfit from last week is Tuesday. I feel like the outfit, hair, and shoes combined came together perfectly. I will admit though – it is weird looking at these long hair photos now that I have chopped all mine off. Which outfit is your favorite?
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