One Bag, Three Ways


You know when you find a bag and you just want to sing and shout about it to every person in the world? Or is that just me...? I never knew I could be such a fan of a bag. I was very first introduced to Lily Jade through Alissa when I joined the Pollinate team. And it was literally love at first bag. As soon as I got my hands on my very own Lily Jade I was completely converted. Who says a diaper bag is just for those that actually need to carry around diapers? Not me! I am a big fan of big bags and pockets to organize my caaaa-razy life. You might remember when I talked about packing up Lily Jade for Spring Break. Diaper bags can become beach bags, travel bags, errands bags, and every day bags. But the best part - seriously THE BEST part - about Lily Jade is the convertableness - that is a word, right? - of it all. So today I am bringing you Lily Jade three ways so you can see how it converts to any of your needs.

Let's start with traditional two handle bag. I start here because that is usually what I look for in a bag. Something big and tote-like that I can toss over my should when it is full of my life. More often than not this works for me. Maybe because that is what most purses offer, two mid-sized handles to carry it by. In fact, anytime I had a large bag in high school or college this is exactly what it was. I only ever had a long one handle bag when it was a mirco purse. I prefer to wear it with two straps when it is a a quick grab and go to protect my shoulders. Like I said - this is the most traditional way to wear a purse so it basically works for anything: running errands, meeting friends, travelling, you name the activity and the straps this way will work for you! It might not always be the most convenient, but it works - and that is why Lily Jade killed it with two more options.

Next is the bag turned backpack – and my personal favorite. The reason I originally fell in love the Lily Jade when Alissa showed it to me was because it turned into a backpack. With my busy schedule I am always doing some multitasking while walking long distances or out running errands, and because of that the two strap option wasn’t always feasible because the bag was either slipping off my shoulder or getting to heavy so I would have to keep swapping it back and forth. I love having the option to be hands free when I am out and about by turning my purse into a backpack with just a few adjustments. A few of the times that I love wearing Lily Jade as a backpack are: flying and traveling, out for a long day at a park, walking from shop to shop. As you can see the backpack version becomes my favorite when I am constantly moving around on my feet.

And the final option is the one strap – which I prefer to extend so it swings right at my thigh height, but you can make it as long or as short as the strap allows for your preference. I have recently become a huge cross body fan. It is nice to have some leverage from one side to the other while out and about instead of hanging low on one side. I also feel like it helps my balance, which might be a total made of thing in my head – but hey, I am rolling with it! I like to go with the cross body option when I am walking medium distances but not long enough to convert it to the backpack. So generally I go one strap on one shoulder or cross body when I am: walking from the parking garage and into work, cruising through the mall but will need to set my bag down to try things on or hold things, and heading into baseball games, concerts, shows where they check in the bag so it is easier for the usher to peep inside.

And there you have it my peeps. One awesome Lily Jade bag with all the strap options your heart could desire and your head could dream of. I am rocking the Meggan bag in Brandy – with all the gold detailing, my heart! – but I also have the Elizabeth in Camel. both are killer bags that convert to all three options and have pockets for days inside and out. So I am totally sold. And I will forever sing the Lily Jade praises. If you are in the market for a new leather bag you will not regret shopping with them. Which strap option do you think you would utilize the most?
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