Deal Alert: Aro & Co Ruffle Top


I am always ready to tell you about a good deal. Especially when it is on an item that I am absolutely loving. And today's deal is not only a top I love, but a deal site I love, combined with a boutique I love. So a triple love and one dang good deal. My girlfriend's boutique Aro & Co - you might remember her shop name from the bow top I wore last year - can be caught on the deal sites every once and awhile, more often than not on Eleventh Avenue and today their Ryan Ruffle Tops are list at 59% off! I was lucky enough to snag one from her shop to get you all pumped for the Eleventh Avenue deal. So without further ado - my favorite ruffle top.

aro and co ruffle top 1-11
aro and co ruffle top navy
aro and co ruffle top
aro and co 1
ruffle top

Top: Aro & Co c/o
Leggings: Gap (similar)
Booties: Francescas (similar/similar/similar)
Earrings: Aro & Co
Necklace: Mac & Mia

Karissa knew I would love this ruffle top when she originally went buying for new clothing. She sent me over a few options to share with my readers and I, of course, picked this ruffle top. Her response to me, "I thought you would pick that one." She clearly gets my style - which made me feel awesome, because that means I have a very clear wardrobe niche that I share with my readers. So let's talk about this outfit. The ruffle top is perfect for an all day outfit - and a packed day. I wore this on Saturday and once they day started, it didn't stop. Started with a conference call for work, straight into a news interview, then out to the front of our house to take the lovely photos you see above in the rain - whoops, after that I ran a few errands with my girlfriend Dani, then straight home to drop things off and go into work for an event, from there it was off to Miss Meridian to drop off a keyboard. After that it was dinner, then back out to Miss Meridian for the program where I was not only watching and taking notes, but running the music, and after all that it was out for a late night date with Adam. And all of that was done in this outfit.

To make the outfit something that could go with any activity I paired it with my simple black leggings and a pair of black booties that can be used for dressing up or dressing down. That is my favorite part about the all black leggings and booties - they translate to whatever activity you are doing. I threw on my classic gold necklace that has been worn everyday since I picked it up at the Queen Bee Market. To take my outfit from morning to night I just upped my makeup game. In the morning it was regular makeup and a colored gloss. In the evening I added lipstick, false eyelashes, and a little more attention to my hair to polish it off for the evening. And there you have it - the outfit and the top that can get you everywhere. What do you think of the Ryan Ruffle Top? What events would you wear it to?
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