2015 Fashion Recap


Last year I loved looking back through outfits and putting together an outfit recap for the year. This year was a little harder than last because I really didn't post as many outfits! Last year, in Arizona, I had two awesome photographer friends that helped me out a ton with taking outfit photos. This year, in Idaho, I am still looking for some photographer help - and so I snag my husband, my mom, and my friends when I can. I have one friend that does an AWESOME job - but I always feel bad bugging her to take my photos because she has a business and a whole family to take care of. So like I said - not as many outfits. But I have enough to put together this recap post, so that is all that matters... right? Right. Here are my top outfits for each season based on readers and followers love and comments - some got more love on the blog and some got more love on Facebook and Instagram. But all the love is appreciated because your support is why I keep doing this.



Sweater: Routine Baseball
Jeans: NoVae
Shoes: Converse
This Queen of Diamonds top is without a doubt my favorite lightweight sweatshirt of all time. I decided to share this outfit specifically because I feel like a lot of times all bloggers share are full on outfits with the bags, the makeup, the hair, etc. I wanted to show that you can still be styled in a casual outfit. It doesn't have to be about the heels and the flair. And I honestly love this outfit more than most because of it's comfort level. Boyfriend jeans, sneaks, and a sweatshirt. It is only in the last year I have decided that my comfort is what makes me confident - not the fancy and stylish clothing.


Hat: Aro & Company
Top: Eleventh Avenue
Leggings: Target
Flats: Payless
This black and white top became my go to for travel the first half of the year. No matter how long my flight or roadtrip was - I wore this because it was comfy and stylish all with a pretty lace. My coworker called it the pilgrim top, but I don't see it. I am in love with it. This outfit translated really well for whatever the weather was too. I can wear it as pictured when it is warmer, but if it cools off I just add a cardigan and boots. This one is a classic I will be wearing for awhile.


Hat: Downeast Basics
Top: Aro & Company c/o
Sweater: Pink Blush c/o
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Forever Young Shoes
This was the perfect spring outfit because of the hat. In Spring you never know what kind of weather is coming so you have to be one step ahead of it. Originally when I put this outfit on it wasn't raining, but the clouds were hovering so I thought it might be smart to toss on the floppy to get ready for whatever might be coming our way. And what would you know? Rain. Right as I headed out to take photos for the outfit.
Tee: Routine Baseball
Skirt: Agnes and Dora
Plaid: Target
Shoes: Converse Outlet
This outfit is part of a new series I started with some ladies called Styled by 5. All of us style the exact same item and share it on the same day. For this outfit the item was the skirt, but I loved seeing all the outfits come together. We had a little of everything from peplums  and high waist with belts to heels and converse. It is always so interesting to see how different women style the same item based on style and preference at the time. I went a little different than the rest with my outfit - which is why I think it ended up getting lots of TLC.

S U M M E R 

Earrings: Nickel and Suede
Dress: Eshakti
Shoes: Cousin Couture
This was one of my outfits for a trip to Florida for Miss America's Outstanding Teen. Every night we had to dress up and so I decided to go an all black and accents route. At first when I was putting the outfit on it seemed like a lot of everything - but once it was all pieced together with the red lips I was sold. Bows, leather, lace, red, gold. All of it. And I will wear it again and again when I need to dress up. So many options for conversation starters in one outfit.
Dress: Shabby Apple (similar)
Shoes: Cousin Couture
Necklace: Bluebird Bride
Hair Extensions: Laced Hair Extensions
Lip Color: Stila in Amore
And a second outfit for my nights of dress up at Miss America's Outstanding Teen. This one was also part of the Styled by 5 series. This dress is perfect for it's simplicity. A soft taffeta with a rich jewel tone. It was the perfect thing to wear for a long night of show, awards, and dancing. This outfit seemed to be a favorite for my hair just as much as for the outfit. Which I have to agree. I don't know how I did it, but I think this is the best my hair has EVER looked.
Baseball Tee: NoVae Clothing
Jeans: NoVae Clothing
Sandals: Target
This baseball tee outfit came from a photoshoot I did for NoVae - but I loved it all so much I ended up getting the jeans and the top - I did swap the blue for maroon though. I especially love this outfit because there is a classic, feminine twist on the baseball tee classic. I love that it does all the pattern mixing for me. And I feel like I am in some baseball attire without being in baseball attire.
Top: Routine Baseball
Jeans: Old Navy
Belt: Lands’ End
Shoes: TJMaxx
It looks like there is a baseball trend going on with my outfits. This one takes a pun on my favorite sport and a teen favorite word. When I saw the teeshirt I knew I needed it. Baesball. Sums it ALL up, right? I am married to a baseball player and now I am married to a baseball life – which makes baseball become baesball and I could not be happier. When I saw this top at Routine Baseball– they have a ton of awesome baseball gear – I was in love. A lot of my followers loved the tee too - which is why I felt it needed to be included on the recap.


Top: White Plum c/o
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Shoelovin’
Earrings: Lucy&Lyla c/o
Clutch: Aro & Company c/o
This outfit was from a series I did about date night outfits. The style of this top made it all feel a little more dressy than your basic casual outfit, so I felt like it needed something more than jeans.  I paired it with my skinnys and a pair of heels to glam up the whole look. When you go from jeans to pants and flat to heels you get the perfect outfit for a fancier sit down restaurant, a concert, or a show. It is relaxed enough that you can go from one event to another without feeling out of place at either.
Hat: Downeast Basics
Top: The Sewing Post
Undershirt: Downeast Basics
Skirt: SexyModest
Watch: Arvo
Shoes: Ross
Purse: Lily Jade
I love to join in on the How We Wore It series that a lot of bloggers are doing these days. And this outfit is another variety of those. I took it to the neutral extremes. Browns, tans, and creams only. I love doing outfits that are all similar tones - but none of them matching because it adds a ton of dimension to outfits without a lot of different and loud colors. The bag is without a doubt my favorite part of this outfit. Lily Jade is heaven.
Cardigan: Novae Clothing
Top: SexyModest Boutique
Leggings: Gap
Booties: Francescas
Hat: Aro & Company
This rainbow cardigan outfit was a scramble of an outfit that turned out perfectly. I went home for the weekend and had plans to meet up with a girl from my hometown to do photos. Originally this outfit was supposed to be black on black on black - but when I was pulling out what Adam had packed he grabbed a black cardigan that wouldn't cover my leggings bum so I panicked and searched my Mother's closet. Only to find this amazing sweater. And I think I like this outfit a lot more!
Dress: Agnes & Dora
Hat: Aro & Co
Sandals: Target
This floral maxi outfit was my way to stick it to the fashion world with florals in the fall. Because HELLO, FLORALS! I will wear florals all year. And to prove it. I started with this floral maxi. Adam isn't a huge fan of the pattern but he can appreciate how comfortable it looks. And let me tell you - this dress is amazing. I need one in every color and I will wear them every day. And I think you all would agree because this outfit got a lot of love - and tons of questions as to here it came from!


Scarf: NoVae
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Downeast Basics (similar)
Tights: Costco (similar)
Booties: Nordstrom Rack
Purse: Lily Jade
This outfit seemed to be one of the most popular on Instagram and Facebook. I think the cozy feel the blanket scarf added combined with the rocking booties made it a fan favorite. Plus, I shared it with my followers just as the weather was starting to get cold. Overall - I would have to agree with the readers and followers. This is one of my favorite outfits I have shared this year!
Scarf: Luxe and Lace c/o
Top: Luxe and Lace c/o
Jacket: Forever 21
Leggings: Gap
Shoes: Forever Young
Not only did you all love this one - but so did Adam. He has it on his phone's background. I would love to take all the credit for this outfit but it really needs to go to Jalynn from Red Closet Diaries. She styled something similar to it and I was in love. I instantly started hunting for a similar top and scarf so I could throw together an outfit like hers for the chilly weather. This is what I came up with, and I am SO happy with how it turned out.
Top: Le Motto c/o
Sweater: Lucy & Lyla c/o
Leggings: Gap
Boots: Nordstrom
I love this outfit for it's winter simplicity. Perfect for a wet day of running errands. Plus a tee shirt with a message never hurt anyone. I was actually surprised at how much attention this specific outfit got. I was just putting it together to show something more simple but everyone seemed to really like it. I am crediting all of that to the Le Motto tee.
Top: Aro & Co c/o
Leggings: Gap (similar)
Booties: Francescas (similar/similar/similar)
Earrings: Aro & Co
Necklace: Mac & Mia
And last but not least - my most recent outfit made the cut because of it's social media love. The top is perfection and is going with me on holiday travels because it is so so comfortable. To make the outfit something that could go with any activity I paired it with my simple black leggings and a pair of black booties that can be used for dressing up or dressing down. That is my favorite part about the all black leggings and booties – they translate to whatever activity you are doing.
So there you have it! A quick 2015 style recap with the most popular outfits with my readers. As I flipped through outfits there were actually a lot more than I realized. I wish I could have shared a few more every month, but I felt like that be a little too much for you all. I feel so lucky to have supportive readers and a supportive blogging community to get me through my ups and downs of style blogging. I have loved trying out new outfits and creating new looks, so I appreciate your support more than you know! Are any of them ones that you loved from this last year? Do you have any trends you would love to see on the blog next year?
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