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Adam and I have been in Arizona for about four months and we have been in our apartment for a little over three months. The first month was spent unpacking boxes and organizing furniture. The second month was spent organizing all of our stuff, hosting house guests, getting Adam ready to leave for summer, and starting to hang things on the wall. And then the last month was spent (with the help of my sweet, sweet mother) unpacking the last couple boxes, organizing the last of our items, and finishing all our decor. Which means I can finally (only 3 months later, right?) take you on the house tour I have been promising since February!

The entry way was is our latest and greatest project. My mom and I combined forces and creative juices to make it all that it is. My mom came up with the concept and I came up with a tweek or two. And now the first wall you see in our home is probably one of my favorite things in our home.

My Mom is a genius and had the wall vinyl cut out by a lady back home and then she cut out all the states with her Silhouette. The frames are from the Dollar Tree. The hearts are little stickers from Walmart for one dollar. And the backdrop is just white cardstock. Simple enough right? All that plus four nails made the perfect representation of my home in Idaho, Adam's home in California, our first home together in Utah, and our current home in Arizona. It is my favorite wall and it was so simple to put together.

Next up? The living room. Let me start by telling you the steal of a deal we got from my co-worker. She sold us the couch and bookshelf (along with the front entry table and a night stand) for $400. I told her that was not enough money and she told me she really wanted to help us out. So we didn't fight anymore and we got our furniture for a great price. Win, win.

The book shelf is probably one of the more exciting things to decorate. Adam and I have always talked about having a great place to put our books we have started collecting. So when we got this from my co-worker we were pumped! But we don't have enough books yet to fill all the shelves so my Mom and I got to play interior decorator on the top three shelves.

I really like getting items that are changeable depending on season and holiday. I have a lot of frames with different options to add variety to my decorations. The thick gold frame on the top shelf is from a company called Little Duchess Design and they specialize in vintage art. I got a starter kit from them that came with a frame and three prints - the green leaf photo in that frame, the red-plant frame on the second shelf, and then an Uncle Sam printout for 4th of July and other USA holidays. I love it because I could pick the prints and frame to meet my own style. 

Next is the TV stand and coffee table. I love being able to add little details here and there. Most everything in the TV stand shelves are from our wedding decorations, including my bouquet. I love showcasing items from our wedding because that was one of the best days of my life. Being able to share that with the people that visit my house is very special. And then of course, I have my prints from Alexa Z Design. Her work is perfection.

Okay. I could point out a few more things and I could add a few more photos but I already feel like this post is getting way too long. There are little details here and there that I wish I would've shown you but like I said... it is getting long. So I will just give it briefly. The map on the wall is a way for Adam and I to mark our travels and our travel dreams. There is a little pig bookend holding up some Christmas movies at the bottom of that sofa table. And that clock has been a dream on the sofa table. The lamp on the back of that sofa table came from my Aunt's Mother In Law, we just replaced the shade.. like I said, I could go on and on.

I have had the best time preparing my home and making it a home - not just an apartment. And I have been so lucky to have my Mom's help. So there is the first little part of my home. The part where we do most of our living. The place where I have really tried to showcase my favorite items. Where do you put your best decorations? What part of the home tour would you like to see next?
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