Everyday is a Fashion Show


Shoes. Shoes. And more shoes. Cinderella had it right. Shoes can change your life. And you know what the best part about shoes is? They always fit. Gain 50 lbs. Loose 100 lbs. Your shoes still love you. They still fit. So for me and my feet that have been the same size since like 8th grade that means an incredible shoe collection that keeps growing and getting better. Right now it is mostly made up of heels. Pumps, stilhettos, slingbacks, peep toes - heels. I love them. And I just got this awesome pair from The Scarpetta. The Scarpetta’s mission is to provide the hottest quality designer shoes at reasonable prices.

Sweater: Gap | Top: Maurice's | Jeans: Gap
Earrings: Fifth and Mae | Shoes: BCBG c/o The Scarpetta

I am so excited to tell you about what The Scarpetta has to offer for all of you too! Right now they are hosting a killer giveaway on Pinterest. From now until March 14 you can enter on Pinterest to win a free year of shoes. A WHOLE YEAR OF SHOES.

Here are the steps to enter the contest:
  1. Sign-up for their newsletter on our homepage at thescarpetta.com
  2. Follow The Scarpetta on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/thescarpetta
  3. Create a board titled “Everyday is a Fashion Show”
  4. Pin at least one pair of shoes from Thescarpetta.com using the hashtags #thescarpetta & #freeshoes
The contest applies only to US residents. But in the meantime, make sure you check them out on all their other social media because they will be running weekly giveaways. And thats giveaways, plural, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages throughout the campaign, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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