Euro Confidence


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We all have cultures we admire. We all have places we want to visit. We all have celebrities from those cultures that we love. And most likely we all have the celebrities we love that we want to be like! So how can us non-British get the confidence they are just dripping with? Keep reading. It's coming!

Over the last few weeks I have been picking the brains of those around me to see why there is such an overwhelming love for British and European celebs... you know? People like J.K. Rowling, David Beckam, Robert Pattinson, all of the Spice Girls, and the list goes on and on and on. In fact, not one person I asked had a hard time answering. Here are a few of the celebs they loved and why.


Okay... so you see. Some people love their looks. Some people love their sound and their accent. Some people love their attitude. And we all want that confidence that they have. When we find a culture we love we want to be like them. But you know what I think makes all these British celebs number one on our lists? It isn't an accent. It isn't their foreign charm. It is their bums. That is right. I said it. Their bottoms, buttocks, backside, and all those other words because in Europe everyone has bidet. A clean bottom has got to make a person shine and feel good and excel and all those things. Right!? Right. And you too can have a clean and happy gluteus maximus plus the Eurpean charm to match with the Cottenelle Clean Care Routine!

What makes a clean routine you ask? Using Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper + moist Cleansing (biodegradable for an easy flush) Clothes. Which then equals with cleanest hiney in town. And what makes it even better? Purchase the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper & moist Cleansing Cloths together and you can receive a $5 Vudu offer. Vudu is like RedBox and offers HD movies. All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt showing that you purchased both items and text or email your picture to You will then get a text or email back with a code valid for a $5 move credit.

So get the products to start the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine. Get the $5 Vudu offer from Walmart. And get that European charm and confidence you have always desired.
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