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I need to let you guys all in on my newest obsession, it's called Xtend Barre. A few months ago I attended a cardio barre class up in Salt Lake. It was awesome, so I started looking at options down here in Provo. And would you look at that!? A studio was located right there in the Riverwoods. I knew I had to try it. And here I am, a month later, still in love and going to the classes because I want to! Lots of times my motivation of going to work out is to get fit, and while that is still a perk, I go to classes at Xtend Barre Provo because I love it. An hour can fly by, tons of sweat, feeling sore already, and I still love it and want more. Maybe it is the dancer in me? I don't know. But I really love it.

Beyond the fact that I just really enjoy it, Xtend Barre has been saving my back. In high school I had to have back surgery for a herniated disc. Over the last 6 months it has really started acting up. So much that I couldn't stand it anymore. I went to a Pain Management facility. I got an MRI. I got test done on my nerves and muscles. And after all that they found there was some chronic nerve damage and some new nerve irritation. They recommended some oral medicine, a cortozone shot (no thanks, not this time), and physical therapy. I said I would take the physical therapy and medicine and hold off on the shot.

After two months of that and lots of doctors bills it was starting to feel better, but at least two days a week I was still in a lot of pain. Enter Xtend. I am off my medicine, I am graduated from physical therapy, and I haven't had a bad back day in weeks! It is because Xtend Barre is all about core strength and lengthening, which is just what I needed for my back. It is full body work out full of cardio and toning.

Well last week, Nicole - the owner of Xtend Barre Provo - let me host a bloggers night at her studio to introduce the work out that I love so much with some girls in the area. It was a huge hit. And I can't even explain to you how grateful I am for Nicole to let me do that. And because of the relationships she has built with her studio we were able to get some awesome sponsors. A huge shout out to Rock These Socks for donating a brand new pair of sticky socks to all the ladies, to Blickenstaff's for donating an awesome prize package to raffle and $5 gift cards for all the ladies, to Lime Ricki for donating discount cards and swimsuits, to Mend Juicery for bringing post-workout juice for everyone, to Provo Beach Resort for donating gift cards for the grab bags, to Albion Fit for donating our "Best in Class" prize, to Sodalicious for donating our "Thanks For RSVPing" prizes, and to 3B Yoga for donating a class for every lady and an awesome raffle prize. They were all super generous and easy to work with. If you are looking for a fun night out, treats, or some good juice - I would totally recommend any of these places. They are all really great with customer service and with quality products.

When you get to the studio the shoes come off and the socks go on! 
Rock These Socks: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter

The barre with the mirrors around the room is my absolute FAVORITE. I feel at home when I am in a studio. Oh, and another thing.  You never realize how heavy two pounds are until an instructor asks you to hold them out for a 8 minute arm workout.. and that is 8 minutes straight. Full of biceps, triceps, and everything else. 

The grab bags and Instagram contest prizes!
Blickenstaffs: Instagram \\ Mend Juicery: Instagram \\ Lime Ricki: Instagram 3B Yoga: Instagram
Xtend Barre: Instagram \\ Rock These Socks: Instagram \\ Provo Beach Resort: Website 
Sodalicious: Instagram \\ Sammys Cafe: Facebook \\ Albion Fit:  Instagram 

All of the ladies in attendance.
And of course one as ballerinas for good measure.

If you have ever danced or you are looking for a fun new workout - I would HIGHLY highly highly recommend Xtend Barre. The one in Provo is located by the back entrance to Blickenstaffs/across from Provo Beach Resort & Mend Juicery at the Riverwoods. But if you live somewhere else, there are studios everywhere. I feel like a changed woman. And I have workout out more in the last two months that I did my entire first year of marriage. It is that good.
Kati Nickl said...

SO fun. Thanks again for hosting!

Glitz & Gold

Amberly said...

I keep thinking that you are looking super fit and amazing!! :) I need to start working out so that I can get back in shape :P

Katie @ Chalk it up to Better Luck said...

Oh man...this look soo awesome. Is this expensive to do? Next time I so want to be invited! I'm always looking for a new interesting way to work out, and this looks like a great fit!

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

What a fun, fun idea! I did Barre Method for a month...I wonder how the two are similar or different?

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

How "ballet like" is it. I miss ballet. I'm sure I'd love something like this.

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