Poise Product For the Win


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Okay. I love Shark Week - the shark week that is on TV that is. But I hate shark week that happens in my life. Women, I think you know what I am talking about. Men, stop reading now... unless you run to the feminine aisle for the lady in your life (I asked Adam to do that for me once... what a confusing, confusing adventure it was for that guy), this post will mean nothing to you. And just a heads up for all of you. This post might have TMI. Embrace it and we can all be friends.

I'm a busy girl. I work full time. I pretend to be an awesome blogger. I hang out with friends. I go on dates with my husband. I volunteer. I go to the gym. I do a lot more than my body probably wants me to do... And every shark week is a battle for me as I run from place to place. Until this last month. I tested out a new line of products - Poise. And I loved it. 

Poise pads quickly locks away wetness and absorbs odor. They are three times drier than the leading liners and there are 5 different absorbencies available, so you can find the perfect fit and protection level that fits your lifestyle. And they are much more than your regular period protection. They feature a thin and flexible (Thin-Flex) design that moves with your body and offers comfortable protection against LBL. So let me take you through a day in my life so you can see all I did while getting the best protection.

Up at 7(ish) am to get ready for work!
One for the morning and one for the afternoon. I seriously only needed
two for the whole day, and usually I need at least two spares "just in case."

^^ A long day at work. In at 8 am and didn't get to officially
leave until about 6:45 pm. Minus the 30 minute lunch break with Adam,
a trip to drop of rent, and a quick stop at the bank.
^^ Finally walking out of work to head home for a busy night after a
day filled with one team checking in, a wedding dinner, 
and two client meetings in addition to regular meetings, phone calls,
and building event orders for future events. 
^^ Home again with the husband! A trip to the store to get some syrup
for his pancakes before I headed out to girl's dinner out. Then
off to Guru's for girl chat and an over-crowded restaurant. Then back
to the house for some meal planning, football, and relaxation.

Overall through my week and my demo day, I thought the product protected very well. And it was comfortable. I loved being able to go on with my daily activity without constantly being concerned if leakage was happening. I didn't have any issues at all! Don't believe me? Poise products as having been created especially for women who deal with light bladder leaks (LBL). Poise pads are different from period pads, offering all-day protection, comfort, and a variety of absorbency options. Poise allows women to go about their daily routine and activities without feeling worried or embarrassed about LBL.
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