November Outtakes


The Good
Two box games thanks to my Dad.
Graduating from physical therapy.
Adam got Lasik. Smartest career move ever.
The official launch of The Wedding & Company.
Being selected as a finalist for Mrs. Utah International.
Bloggers Give Back event.
A trip to California.

The Bad
Turning down Mrs. Utah International.
The disaster of all events at work.
Finding out Adam has to head back to AZ one month earlier than planned.
Another medical bill and my insurance deciding not to cover physical therapy.

The Outtakes
And the proof that all my photos are absolutely stunning... jokes.

amber.m said...

Outtakes are my favorite! They make me laugh and it shows that you're okay with sharing them. You know what I mean? Like some people would never show blooper type pics! I'm glad that you do.

Aubrey said...

You know I love your photos, but the out takes are my fave. And Adam leaving even earlier...ugh!

Carolyn McAfee said...

LOL! Love these outtakes!
Found you via Mormon Fashion Bloggers!
I'm hosting a Sunday linkup... WIW to church. I'd love for you to come link up!

Anonymous said...

Fun post! Found you through random blog hopping. Enjoying your posts!

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