Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 11


Today I have Sue, the author and creator of the blog Chevron and Lace
She creates beautiful items there, as well as on her lovely shop.

Last week I headed South down to Utah Valley, I got to see the lovely Deidre and talk to her a little bit more about exactly how fashion fits everyone. It was no surprise to me to hear how passionately Deidre felt about this series. As she described to me her feelings on the subject, how much she truly believed the statement and hoped that women everywhere would believe it, the thought occurred to me that I believed it, too. That's why I spend my days doing what I do. I'm not much of a crafter, but I can sew, and that's where Fashion Fits Everyone "fits" in.

I learned how to sew when I was 17, but I really learned how to sew when I realized that clothes were expensive, and it was so hard to find something that fit me perfectly and was exactly my style. I started learning how to follow online tutorials and picked up a few sewing tips and tricks along the way until I felt confident enough to design and create patterns myself.

I love it because it's so... me. It's not necessarily what all the models are wearing, nor the SIZE all the models are wearing, but it fits my body type and my style just perfectly (small boobs and no butt that I blame on the one-and-a-half-year-old running around my house). And most importantly, it makes me feel confident. A confidence that, when I'm not trying to build in myself, I try to build in others, and most-of-all, in my husband and my daughter. One-and-a-half is not too early to teach confidence.

My philosophy when it comes to fashion is that if the clothes don't look good on you, they have failed you, not the other way around. Clothes are made to fit a person, their lifestyle, their beliefs, and their story. If the clothes don't tell the truth about you, then they have failed, and it's time for you to try something that works for you.

What advice would I give? Be willing to step out of your comfort zone a little! Be willing to try on that dress that your sister says she thinks would look great on you! Be willing to hide behind the changing room curtain and slip on those leather leggings! If you're not happy or confident with how you look now, then something needs to change. Not you. Something. And if it doesn't fit exactly right, you can always buy a sewing machine. I hope you stop by my blog first when you do! Fashion. Fits. Everyone.
KevinKyla Ford said...

Such a talented lady and beautiful mama!! <3 YA Sue!!

That dress is amazing!

Pamela said...

Love this! and her cute outfit!!

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