Q&A With Discovering Janae


What is your favorite thing to photograph?
I don't really have a favorite. I love to photograph many things from nature to portraits. In my photography I try to look for the story. So taking a beautiful picture of people or places is great, but I want others to be able to see the back story.

What music inspires you?
A lot of different types of music inspire me, but jazz is by far my favorite. Especially Ella Fitzgerald. You just can't go wrong with the 'Queen of Song'. But right now I also really love Brave by Sara Bareilles. And if I ever need music but I don't want to have to pay attention to lyrics I put on some Sigur Ros. If you've never listened to them then you are seriously missing out.  

How was it waiting for a missionary?
It was amazing! It was such a great experience for both of us and now we feel that it has greatly strengthen our marriage. Because we faithfully waited for each other for two years we know that we can get through anything together. Some days when Jared was gone it was hard because we missed each other but we both grew so much. And we grew together.

Favorite Disneyland ride? 
I've only been there once but I really loved the California Screamin'. I love anything that goes fast.

What is the best DIY you've made? 
Elephant and owl shaped blankets. They are awesome baby shower gifts! Came up with the pattern myself.

How do you eat an Oreo? 
Split it and eat the all cookie side first. 

Where is your happy place? 
Behind a camera.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
So far it's almost achieving my minimalist goal, signing up to move to China, and being seven years recovered from my eating disorder. 

What words do you live by? 
Have I done any good in the world today? 

Favorite thing about your husband? 
My favorite thing about my husband is that he loves to go on adventures and be silly with me. We are goofs.
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