Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 10


Today I have a fashion guru and a girl I love to shop with.
Let me introduce you to Bri from Breezy Days.
My freshmen year of high school I was a part of the basketball team and so desperately wanted to wear my basketball gear every day like the rest of my teammates. I whined about it incessantly until my parents put their foot down and insisted that I utilize my feminine wardrobe. I was upset that I couldn't fit in and be like the rest of my team {such a typical teenage thing right?}, but my dad would tell me that guys respected a girl who could get sweaty during a basketball game but then get gussied up later that night. A nugget of knowledge I've always kept in the back of my mind.

Getting dressed up and presenting my best self has always been an outward expression of my inner self-confidence. Although, I won't say that it's been easy to find clothes that fit my figure. My measurements are a perfect hourglass, but I have a large bust line and a little bit of what we call the family "pooch". Even when I was running 4-5 miles a day during basketball season, I STILL had that dang stubborn pooch! My curvy shape made me stand out more than others, and also made it a little harder to hide.

Through the years I've found that the classic 50's style of dress really suits my shape and makes me feel confident. I gravitate towards pencil skirts/dresses, fit & flare dresses, flow-y blouses balanced out by skinny jeans and ballet flats. Not only am I super picky with what I wear, but I also love a great deal! I tend to shop at Ann Taylor Loft sales, Anthropologie sale rack, Ross, Target, and American Eagle.

I would attribute the healthy attitude I have towards my body-image today to the constant encouragement from my parents growing up. They would spend the extra time to help me find pieces of clothing that made me feel comfortable and confident. My mom taught me to stand up tall and not hide my feminine shape. My dad taught me the importance of keeping my body healthy and being happy where I'm at, but always working to be a better version of myself. I'm a shortie at 5'3, a curvy size 8 with a 34D bust definitely fits everyone :)
K&R said...

What a great post by Bri. I've always thought Bri does a great job of dressing what she has. I think if we all dress what we have then that would definitely help.


Anonymous said...

I'm also a shortie (5ft1!) But good things come in small packages - thanks for the encouragement that even little ladies can have fun with fashion!

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