Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 5


Today I have Kelsey from Stories of Kel here to talk Fashion Fits Everyone. 
I've loved learning about Kelsey through blogging and become friends off the internet.
She is a strong individual and I admire that.

I am here to tell you than fashion truly fits everyone. I am pretty tall (5’7) and have a pretty slender frame. I am a size 2 with hardly any curves. I am definitely no fashionista but I have come up with some tricks to complement my body type. I’ve had long hair all my life and have found that it over dramatizes my long neck and makes me look kind of haggard. Because of that I recently have tried to keep my hair short and spunky to make my face look a little rounder. I also have the flattest décolleté so I distract from it with fun accessories or scarves.

I am a firm believer that every body type is beautiful. I have wasted enough hours of my life wishing I had a different body type. If you counted up the hours spent comparing yourself to others what number would you come up with? I bet most of us spend more time than we would care to admit I’ve spent countless hours wishing I had thick long hair, an exotic eye color, more curves, and even a shorter neck. In my teenage years I even went through a kick where I did hundreds of calf raises every day hoping that my legs would stop looking like chicken legs. How ridiculous is that? Who cares how long your neck is or what color your eyes are? 

 photo FFEButton_zps3ece9ed1.pngIt is amazing how much pressure the world puts on us to be perfect. I have noticed this much more ever since I started blogging. I felt inferior because I certainly did not dress the way many fashion bloggers did. You mean I need to throw on a pair of heels, have 10 pieces of jewelry on, the trendiest top, and perfect makeup to go to the grocery store? This certainly wasn’t practical for me. I am a total jeans and a t-shirt kind of gal. Who says that isn’t beautiful? I decided it was time to forget what the world defines as beautiful and find beauty deep inside myself. I had been growing out my hair for years trying to achieve a certain look and I finally just photo chopped it off. Can you say liberating?! I have found that once I stopped comparing myself to others and embraced my inner beauty I had much more confidence.

I would encourage you to spend less time criticizing yourself in front of the mirror, stop trying to fit into that pair of jeans that just won’t fit, and stop wishing you had what others have. Do your best to make yourself presentable in the morning and then go out and rock it! Don’t waste another minute putting yourself down.

Pamela said...

SO cute!

Amanda Schroeder said...

I LOVE Kelsey. She is so sweet and freakin beautiful. And this post is amazing.

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles | Living the (hockey) Life said...

Wait a minute, you're 5'7 Kelsey!?

I love these words - I'm definitely a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl as well. You're right ... make yourself presentable in the morning and off you go. I've really learned to love and appreciate both my assets and flaws this year, and I'm slowly but surely becoming much more comfortable in my own skin.

Thanks for writing this Kelsey, it's a great reminder :) xoxo

Love and Ace said...

Totally agree with Kelsey! Love her style too! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Kelsey Eaton said...

Yes! I don't really look that tall but that's what the Dr says when I get measured haha!

Huggies and Heels said...

Great advise! We spend too much time criticizing ourselves. Love this post! :)

henry doll said...

May I offer a mature male response. (my daughter has a fashion blog that I often photograph for)

I totally agree, and always encouraged my daughter, and other women, to embrace the beauty that is hers alone - why strive to look like someone else?

I will also say that you are quite beautiful, and not at all without shape. I also feel women with long necks have the addition of being in a group considered to have elegant beauty - consider Audrey Hepburn!

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