Adam in Orem


It's a little late. But at least it is going up! Last week I was so blessed to have Adam in Utah. It was a crazy four days. Starting with meeting Adam's brother for the first time without him even there. Then Adam rolling in at 4 AM on Saturday. Saturday was a whirlwind! Not only did Adam's parents and brothers come into town. But all of my family made an appearance in Utah Valley to cheer for Adam. That makes two sets of parents, four brothers, two sisters-in-law, one aunt and uncle, five nephews, and one niece with both of our families that came to watch. Then add in all of Adam's former teammates, a few of his coaches, our bishop and his family, and friends. All I can say... is we are so lucky for the support we have! Saturday was so perfect.
Then Sunday Adam got to come to sacrament meeting with my before he had to be at the field. That night his family took off and we enjoyed a steak dinner at our home. Monday was just a good old regular day with a lunch date and then a baseball game. Followed by half price appetizers at Applebees with Drew and Madi... we really miss hanging out with them. And then Tuesday was one last day together, a lunch date, I took an hour extra from work to hang out with Adam, and one more baseball game... but the baseball game was cancelled after the third inning because it was POURING rain. So much that they couldn't even get the tarp on. Cray-zee. But I was okay with that.. because that meant an extra hour hanging out with Adam until the decision to cancel was made. Then a little In-n-Out... and then Adam was out.
Sadly, Adam got injured in Orem... so he spent the last week in Arizona with the doctors. But they say things are okay. Just a tired arm that needs a little TLC. He is home in Utah for five days, and then he heads back to the training facility in Scottsdale. He will be spending the next 6 weeks in Arizona at rehab starting on Monday. But he obviously impressed someone before that injury because he was announced an All Star for the Pioneer League that he played in this summer.
Pamela said...

Hope he heals soon!! Yay for being All Star!

April @ Hansen Love said...

Wow that is awesome!!! Hope he gets better soon! You look great pretty girl.

Amanda Schroeder said...

I hope he heals quick and properly! Your shoes are so cute by the way. How blessed you guys are to have such supportive and awesome families. I'm so happy for you, Deidre!

Life with Amberly said...

Hooray for Adam having time at home! Boo for him being injured!! :) Your husband is taking the baseball world by storm ;)

Brooklyn McKenna said...

You guys amaze me! Praying for a quick healing! :)
Did you just meet the brother because he was on a mission ?

Dani Rose said...

Followed you over here from "Love, Love, Love" and just wanted to let you know your blog is awesome! That baseball game looks fun, I haven't been to one in so long!


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