Checking In


Today I check in to the pageant world. Last night I drove up to Idaho after work to meet up with my mom and today we are driving up to Nampa for Miss Idaho week! The contestants arrive in a few hours and the fun begins. So while you are all out working, swimming, or whatever you are doing with your summer days... I will be here celebrating scholarship, service, style, and success in a room full of rhinestones and sequins. And I feel pretty darn good about that.

It will be weird showing up at Miss Idaho week as a board member this year. For the first time in four years, I am not going with a suitcase full of high heels and 15 wardrobe bags to compete. I don't have to stress about swimsuit competition or if I screw up my onstage question. I just get to be there and be involved. I am sure I will get really sad at some point and decide that I need to do a Mrs. pageant.. so... you can all look forward to that. But this year I am a board member. I am in charge of updating the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog during the week. I am ready to take Idaho to the NEXT level on the social media front. And I get to be the Assistant Producer. Which means awesome headset backstage. And I get to boss people around, which is my favorite pastime.

You can follow along with my week at Miss Idaho on my instagram account (@lovetheskinnys) and on the Miss Idaho Organization's instagram account (@missidahoorg). Check back over the next few days for some pageant themed fun. And I will see (see? read?.... I don't really know what to call this...) you ALL next week.
Tayler Morrell said...

Good luck!

Jessica Ashcroft said...

So fun Deidre! I totally know how you feel about getting nostalgic and wanting to get back into pageants. Happens to me all the time with dancing, high school, college, etc... :)

Kim Bird said...

Too cute! Have so much fun!!

Michelle said...

Yay! Have fun bossing those girls around :)

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