June Outtakes


The Good
Moving, change of residence, and 900 followers. Sweet!
Adam officially became an Arizona Diamondback!
And he received an official jersey to prove it.
Deidre started going to the gym again.
Deidre successfully ran a 10K.
Adam sent Deidre the most beautiful flowers.

The Bad
GFC is leaving - follow me on bloglovin'?
Waiting for the draft drove Deidre nuts.
We got in the tiniest of car wrecks that cost a lot of dollars.
The windshield also cracked straight down the middle.
And then Adam left for the summer.

The Outtakes
some of these outfits haven't been posted yet...
but they were taken in June. Sooo... Enjoy it :)
Don't forget to enter the Bow Giveaway - it ends tonight!
Oh. And did I mention that you need to go follow me on bloglovin'?!

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Paige Nicole said...

This is an adorable idea for a post for the end of the month!!!

alesha said...

Ha ha. I love these! And congrats on running a 10k! I'm struggling thinking about a 5K!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you're my favorite.


Sam M said...

That is fun that you post the outtakes, they're hilarious. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad to have found more Utah bloggers.

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