Summer Must Haves


With summer rolling in (please let it stop snowing here!) and warm weather attached at it's hip I have been thinking of my summer wishlist. What does this working girl need? This year it isn't the traditional swimsuit, beach towel, and sandals. Getting a tan and going to the beach is going to be a lot more difficult now that I work full time. And getting work off is going to be more difficult now that I have a job that ... for lack of a better description... has some real responsibility tied to it. So what do I need? Let me show you!

1 \\ Sunglasses.  These are my most wanted and needed summer item. Because they will be used so frequently - and I cant rarely seem to find a good pair that doesn't break after one week. And not just any sunglasses - Ray Bans. Because I have always wanted a pair of good sunglasses that make me feel like one of the cool kids. I love the Ray Ban Wayfarers. The sunglasses come in so many different colors, but  the Original Wayfarer Patchwork Sunglasses in Blue are my definite favorite!    The royal blue color is perfect for my style and common color scheme. And they are a pair of glasses I know will last far beyond just this summer. Quality over quantity, right? Then for the times I get out to play, grill, and watch baseball, I don't have to worry about my eyes burning up! You can check out all the colors and options over at Red Hot Sunglasses

2 \\ Self tanner. I don't have the daylight to go play outside on the weekdays anymore. Most of my days are spent inside. And I am not a huge fan of tanning beds because they are dangerous. So self tanner it is. I am trying out a few different ones, I will let you know my favorite!

3 \\ Summer feel tote. I have purses. Almost all of mine are some sort of nuteral. Black, brown, tan, grey... Because I hate changing bags normally. But getting a fun tote with summer colors and summer feel is an easy way to bring the season with your anywhere.

4 \\ Sandal wedgies. I can't get a new pair of bedazzled flip flops, that won't fly in the office. But I can get some cute sandal wedgies to bring all that summer feel to the office. Right now there are tons of fun colors and styles in wedged sandals.

Those are the basics for my working girl summer. Sunglasses, a tan (as fake as can be), and a bag and cute wedges. But I am still eyeing a few swimsuits for any opportunity I have to go to the pool. More to come on that later! What are your summer must haves?

Angie Bean said...

I just cancelled my tanning bed membership... And I'm already feeling white as snow! Looking forward to your self tanner reviews!!

Janette said...

LOOOVE those wedges D! I want something similar..but not too high heeled cause I hate towering over people... My summer must haves are some new denim shorts that aren't crazy short, but not grandma looking either... Hmm.. and maybe some new sunglasses...

Good luck on the tan woman!



Janette Lane Blog

Kelsey Eaton said...

Those wedges are so super cute! I have been on the hunt for some!

A Muse in Purple said...

I'm gonna go buy a summer bag this week. I need to backaway from the black coach purse...I'm thinking something in orange... :)

Steve Devis said...

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