Self Promotion and Roundtables


Awhile ago I took the liberty of doing a little self promotion... and it paid off a little more than expected.  Miss Bonnie emailed me a few weeks ago to request my presence and knowledge (if you can even call it that) at the next Grow Your Blog Round table event. Flattered. Seriously.

And so, I present to you from...

I've been doing Bon's design for a little while. And all this text now comes from her..

"My girl, Deidre, who is always helping me with design questions, is going to show us the basics of making our blogs beautiful.  Design, headers, editing pictures, everything you want to know but don't know where to go to ask.  It will still be a "roundtable" format, but may be a bit different as Deidre will have the stage to show us how to do all that tricky html and design stuff.

If you are in the Provo area (or anywhere close) come join in!  Bloggers of all degrees/levels/commitments are welcome - the last two months we have had a range and it made for such insightful conversation.  I know it is scary to show up at a blogging thing all by yourself to meet random girls you have only seen online.  But I promise within minutes we're all friends and laughing away.  You won't regret it.   I would have killed for something like this in my first months of blogging.  Even now, it is a very valuable resource to me.  Also, I know this title may sound somewhat threatening.  Basically we're just trying to figure out the 101 on how to make our blog sexy.

Interested? Jump on board already! $10 reserves your seat.  Email Bonnie at asap because spots be flying like flipping pancakes.  I so want to meet you!"

But I can't wait to meet you either. And give you a little Blog Design 101. Looking forward to meeting you all. And trying to provide you with the random knowledge I have stored in my brain. Hopefully it becomes a good tutorial rather than a scattered mess of crapola. What would you love to learn about design? 

Myranda said...

I so wish I could come to this, you seem awesome and Bonnie is totes cool so it seems like a perfect combo ;)

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