General Conference


I'm not shy about my beliefs. You can learn all about them by clicking the "we believe" button above. I've shared my feelings on the gospel, my testimony, and the things I have learned through my experiences many times on this blog. Still today I am learning more about the gospel and I am learning more about myself in the gospel. This weekend marks a special weekend in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is general conference weekend. A weekend in which there are 4 sessions for all members of the church and 1 session for the priesthood holders to tune in and listen to a prophet and the apostles speak. And not just here in the U.S. Everywhere. It is translated into 92 different languages so these messages can be shared with everyone!  
And beyond that, some members in other countries save up for years just to get a chance to come to America and hear the good word live from the conference center. A lot of foreign members make a big trip out of it. Touring the temple grounds, taking in the sites around Salt Lake, and spending time where the Saints established a home. One of the member families from Adam's mission in Mexico is here for conference. And Adam was lucky enough to speak to them once he found out they were here so he could invite them to his team's baseball game Thursday. They said yes, so Adam worked to get them all free tickets and free BYU shirts. We all talked, I mostly just listened because only the Father spoke solid English, for about an hour after the game. Watching Adam speak in Spanish to this member family was so incredible. I could see the love he had for not only them, but for his mission. And for that brief moment I got a glimpse into the two years previous to us meeting, to see the things that made him the man he is today. It was such a humbling moment in my life. And I am truly grateful for Adam and the work he put in as a missionary. It was a great reminder of one of the many reasons I love and admire him. But, the thing about it, is that isn't just Adam's experience. Missionaries are all over the world building those relationships with members, converts, and investigators in their area... and that is what makes it beautiful!
With the member family from Adam's mission.
These missionaries, the families saving and travelling from all over the world, the investegators, the members in your community... we are all happy and working for one reason. The gospel. And so if you have any interest in what makes us tick, in what keeps us interested in the gospel, this is YOUR chance to know without having to ask someone. Conference is broadcast live for everyone and you can watch any of the sessions HERE, Saturday and Sunday at 10 am MST and 2 pm MST. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I am so happy where I am, I am grateful for the gospel, and I will gladly answer your questions.

Talisha Reupena said...

I have that same feeling when I listen to my husband speak Samoan. The crazy thing is, he is Samoan but didn't speak a single word pre-mission. For him to serve and learn another language in such a short amount of time is amazing and makes me a proud wifey! It also testifies that there is so much power in the Lord's work. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing other people's thoughts about their love for the gospel. Enjoy your weekend!


Suzzie V said...

I LOVE conference weekend. we put everything aside to sit and listen and learn so much every time. since putting my faith in Christ and trying to live it my life has gotten so much better and I feel so much happier. we're going to the conference center on Sunday afternoon. Wahoo! you'll have you let me know what talk moves you the most.

Amberly said...

Where in Mexico did Adam serve? My husband served in the Cancun area!


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