A Salt Lake Weekend


How was your weekend? I spent mine watching Nashville, Pretty in Pink, and 90210. Plus a little work and a lot of sleep. Oh. And of course. Baseball. The Cougars avoided the sweep with a win on Saturday with the help of this guy.

That is right. Adam was the winning pitcher! He threw more than he ever has for a single game. 147 pitches and eight and two thirds innings. Coach hoped to leave him in the entire game, but his pitch count was way too high for that. You can read all about the game here. I was planning on being there, but work made me miss and I am so sad. But... also, I am usually bad luck, so it is probably a good thing I missed.

And while I hung out in the good ol' Utah without Adam this weekend I reminsed on the weekend before. Adam is such a gem. Since he didn't have games the weekend before he planned a fun stay-cation for us. A day and night up in SLC. We went to the temple so I could attend my very first live session. Went to the Bees game. Enjoyed the cheesecake factory. And stayed in the Downtown Marriott. It was so great.
The Bees game was a total blow out. The first inning the opposing team scored 5 runs. And the second inning the opposing team scored back to back to back home runs. It was fun to be there with Adam though. Eating nachos and enjoying some sun flower seeds. Another baseball game bonus. New shoes. I forgot to pack flats in our hurry out the door. We wore our church clothes on the drive to SLC so we could go straight to the temple. After our time there we went to change at the hotel and I noticed I had no other shoes... so Adam pick out these beauties for me.
And of course, after the game we headed to Cheesecake factory to split a salad and a treat. We hadn't been there since our wedding... and that weekend we ate there twice! The people at the table over kept asking us all sorts of questions. "What are you eating? What is in it? Do you like it? What kind of camera is that?" It was so fun just being out on a fun weekend with my guy. The next day we drove to Morgan Flinder's farewell in PG to wish him luck on his mission with the entire baseball team. The bond those guys have is one of a kind, and I am lucky to be a part of it standing next to my husband. All and all it was a great weekend, and one that I will hold near and dear until baseball season slows down and I get more time with Adam. A lot of people ask me if it is hard being married to an athlete, and I won't lie... I miss Adam when he is away, but I am SO proud of what he is doing. He works hard and I support him. Most of all, I knew what I was signing up for. So of course I miss him, but I am not sad or mad that he is away. I want him to succeed. I want him to excel. And most of all, I want him to know that I love and support him. So is being married to an athlete hard? No. We talk, we laugh, and we don't take the time we do have together for granted. Being married to an athlete is an adventure. And I love adventure.. and even more than that, I love Adam. 


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Amberly said...

Everyone had such fun weekend things going on!! My husband and I are going to a Bees game this month and I told him that I want to go to Salt Lake Temple for my first live session this summer sometime too. We never have time to go during school and work stuff normally and I haven't been there yet, it's sad!


Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

uhmmm girl you watch 90210?!! I haven't met a single person who does! It's my guilty pleasure and i've seen every episode. So sad it's ending soon. It's so freaking dramatic, I love it haha

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