Workday Wardrobe || Week 1


With my new job I don't get a lot of days to be trendy. I can't wear a lot of the "in" stuff to work because I need to dress professionally. So I have taken that on as my own personal challenge. To be business professional and bring in my own style. And what better way to keep that challenge in mind than to share it with you? You can follow along daily on my instagram account (@lovetheskinnys) but every week I will post last week's outfits! So without further ado...


I wanted to wear my stretch striped skirt (Cotton On) and my feather shirt (Cotton On)... but when I put it on the first thing I though was it looked too casual. The shirt has a high low hem and is fairly loose fitting. So to class it up a bit I added a camel colored blazer (Forever 21) and my tan pumps (Target).


With the freezing cold weather... I needed pants. And I was feeling like taking it back to the basic of black and grey  I wore my black skinny slacks (Gap) with traditional black heels (Famous Footwear). On top I put on a few items that would add style while remaining professional. A striped sweater (Forever 21) and a grey cardigan (Gap) with some grey pearls (Forever 21) to add some dimension.


After pants the day before I was in the mood for something simple and girly. I wore a dusty rose bow top (Forever 21) with a purple scrunchy skirt (Sexy Modest: the most comfy skirt I have ever purchased. I have it in two colors) and nude pumps (Target).


Back to basics with a twist. Adam got my some great tops for work for Christmas so I made sure I wore one last week! On bottom we have black tights and my black and nude pumps (TJMaxx) with my scrunchy skirt in nude (SexyModest). On top we have a cream button up with cap sleeves (Forever 21: Adam picked this one out!)... but it was too cold for cap sleeves so I threw on my slate cardigan (Target). Then a statement necklace (Forever 21) for some variety.


Casual Friday. Which means men don't have to wear ties. But I can already wear pants... so I decided to test out my new bright pants to see the reaction. I was okay to wear them, and I am thrilled. My mom picked out this entire outfit for a Christmas gift. Bright pants (Old Navy), blue undershirt (Downeast Basics), print cardigan (Target), and statement necklace. This outfit was a huge hit in the office and in social media.

So there you have it. My thought process behind all my workday outfits! Stay tuned for more and follow along on instagram (@lovetheskinnys) to catch my outfits daily.


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Kerri Andersen said...

i bought one of those scrunchy skirts too...the purple one. i LOVE it! way cute outfits! :)

Chevron andLace said...

I actually LOVE business-wear! I feel like business pants always makes my bumper look good!

Sue //
Chevron & Lace

Hailey. said...

These are all really cute!! I'm excited to see more!


Jasmine HellogmSunshine said...

Really cute business wear! I only get inspired maybe once every two weeks to think of something cute to wear to work :)

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