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Layer Confidence with Cozy Apparel this Winter

Looking and feeling great are inextricably woven to one another. Fashion designers and stylists for the stars are well aware that, in order to rock the red carpet, celebrities need to feel comfortable in the fashions they sport. Ordinary people are the same way. When we feel comfortable in what we wear, our confidence and inner beauty rises to the surface for all to see.

As cold weather comes to stay a while this winter, women should find fashions that keep them warm as well as stylish. One great fashion standard popular this season is the sweater dress. Show off legs and curves by selecting a sweater dress that falls a little above the knee, but stay comfortably warm too. As the temperature falls, dress for the weather and remain chic! Apparel, accessories, and shoes will liven up your days because when you look good, you’ll feel great!

Layers look great. Why not utilize them to keep warm this winter? Fashionable oversized knit scarves look fantastic layered over a sweater dress. Stackable bracelets also add dimension and style to an outfit. Mix and match textures in an outfit to add dimension to your layered look. Combine a chic pair of brightly colored leather gloves with a wool pea coat. Then step up the style with a pair of women’s laced winter boots featuring fur accents.

For winter 2013, great looks are big and bold. Feel free to play with patterns and textures. Keep in mind that if you love an outfit, you will look great in it. Whether you spend 10 minutes or 2 hours getting dressed, your clothing should have a relaxed appeal, as though you simply threw the outfit together. This look of cool self-confidence sets the fashionable woman out from the rest.

Looking good and feeling great may seem to be mutually exclusive for those unfamiliar with fashion, but the opposite is in fact true. When you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, the confidence and self-assurance that you convey will have others looking twice and complimenting your appearance frequently.

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