Dear Nativity,


I have started to collect Nativity Scenes. Not only because they are beautiful and precious, but they are a beautiful and precious reminder of what this season is really all about. Here are a few that I love.

In church yesterday we had a wonderful discussion about the Nativity and all the people involved.

The shepherds. Hard working, possibly under-educated, and yet still took time to come to the birth of the Savior. Because they knew it was important. Because the nativity is for everyone.

The wise men. Not only did they go to seek Jesus when he was born, but they believed and did not go report. They offered gifts to the boy. They spent years searching for the boy. And wise men still seek him today.

Joseph. You cannot have a nativity without Joseph. And I wish I could know more about this wonderful man. He worked hard in his profession, and even more, he worked hard as a father. He took the responsibility and the title of father when Mary became pregnant. Even though he wasn't married to Mary yet, he stood by her. He was everything he needed to be in terms of support and love. And he was there even when he didn't need to be.

Mary. Possibly scared and possibly unsure... she was given the responsibility to give birth to Jesus and be his mother on Earth. In a time where a woman could be stoned for becoming pregnant out of wedlock, she took this and she knew it was a blessing. And not only to have a child that she would would need to care for, to worry after, to cry with, and all other motherly things, but to have that child be the Savior of the world. She is an amazing woman. So often people focus on the fact that she was the earthly mother of Jesus, but something so impressive to me is the moment she found out that she would be. When the angel came she wasn't even taken back or fearful. She was ready. She listened. She must have been so in tune with the spirit and spiritually prepared to listen to an angel that appeared right in front of her.

Jesus Christ. His birth is the reason for Christmas. His birth is the center of the Nativity. Jesus Christ is a brother, a friend, a carpenter, a teacher, a Savior, and so many other wonderful things. We are so lucky to have someone on my side through everything that knows everything I feel and everything I am going through. A man who volunteered before the creation of the Earth to come down and sacrifice himself so that we could all return to live in heaven. A man that led by example. A man that was perfect.

Merry CHRISTmas. Here is to remembering the reason for the season. What is your favorite part of the Nativity? What do you think about on Christmas Eve? How do you share the message of the season with your family?

The Skinnys
Alvina Castro said...

I love nativity scenes too! Yours are too cute :)

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