Dear Gingerbread House,


This week a bunch of my girlfriends from college had our monthly get together. It used to be a birthday dinner with just the girls, but lately we have started incorporating the husbands and dates... I know, we are so nice, right? Kidding... It is fun to go on a date night with a group of friends because it is like 5 dates in one as we all play catch up and chat. This month in honor of the holiday season we built gingerbread houses. And not just any gingerbread houses. Real ones. Because Michelle took the time to make all the gingerbread. Impressive. We had two houses and as the boys sat around chatting and the girls started decorating we decided... this should be a contest. Boys vs. Girls. And so the competition begins. Here we go!

It took the boys a little while to get started. They were busy talking about football with BYU's upcoming bowl game and the recent USU coaching announcement. So the girls had a little bit of a head start. But I was surprised, once they started going they REALLY got into it. The competition was on! Here are the finished products. Can you guess which one goes to which team?

Everyone at the house was pretty bias... obviously we all wanted our own house to win. So we put it to an Instagram (@lovetheskinnys) vote.

Looks like left took the cake. I was honestly surprised by how many votes the boys got... not that they didn't do great, but take a closer look... There house is not as tall as ours. That is because their foundation crumbled and so their house turned into... as Sue would describe it, a hobbit hole. Chito says they clearly won, even if the votes didn't state that, because their house was more sturdy.. and we all said. No on wants a sturdy gingerbread house. They want a cute one. So let's take a closer look at the winners. 

Wreaths, a snowman out front, a beautiful walkway, and icicles. Clearly, the right team won! We don't mess around. Sorry boys, better luck next year. Except next year, one thing is for sure. We will be buying the kits. Making gingerbread is super hard!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Sounds and looks like so much fun! Happy to find your blog through the hop today! :)

Janette said...

Haha! Fun! I like how that one guy is concentrating super hard! (first pic) Congrats ladies!


Leyla Brooke said...

Looks great, new follower

mail4rosey said...

This looks like a fun competition. We have three under the tree (kits) for the kids to put together on Christmas afternoon. :)

PS the girls totally has the best house, but an A+ to the fellas for getting serious. :)

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