Dear Christmas Tour,


You will be hearing from me a lot this week. Because it is almost Christmas. And I have a lot to say and a lot to share. I went home to Mama E's this weekend and I feel like you need a proper tour of her home. She is big into themed trees and going all out. So I want to introduce you to the trees in her home and all her decorations. I didn't get a chance to take photos of them all on our way out today, but she might have time to snap photos and send them. Fingers crossed, because I think after you see the first few you will be dying to see the rest!

This is the first thing you will see when the front door of my home is opened. This tree changes colors from year to year depending what is going on. For a long time it was silver and black from a wedding, but now those decorations are on my tree, so you will see them later. The tree is full of some new things and some old things. Red, gold, and angels. Garland up the stairs full of lights. And in the back you can see more trees coming!

The angels have been around forever. We have always had an angel tree. For a while it was in my bedroom, then it was moved to the front room, then the living room, and now the entry way. There aren't as many harps and angels, but these three angels are part of my childhood, and I love that my mom still uses them.

What a great first impression, right? My mom is ALL about Christmas, and this is just the first few steps into her Christmas Wonderland.


Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

WOW!! Now THAT is a Christmas Tree!! Thank you for linking up darlin! :)

Elsha said...

My mum is super into themed tree's as well :) It makes me happy to see that other crazy Idahoan's are into that too! Have a great break girl!

Helene said...

this is sooo pretty! I love it!

emi said...

so festive! love it. xoxo

Kerri Andersen said...

oh i love seeing houses decked out in beautiful christmas decor. makes me so happY! :)

Tori Baldridge said...

LOVE that! So pretty.

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