Dear Thanksgiving Decorations,


First. The Stella and Dot giveaway is closed. Congratulations Ellen Casper!

We don't have a ton of room for decorating. Our kitchen/dining area is small and is shared with a dryer. Our bedroom is never seen by anyone who visits. Our spare room is... full of things. So all of our decorations go in the living room on the TV stand. And ya know what? I like it that way. Because then whenever someone comes over they can see all the goods I have to offer right up front. I am really lucky because most of the decorations I have are inherited from my mom... which means they are the same Thanksgiving decorations I grew up with.

This is the TV stand in all it's glory. I don't really like taking down the photos of Adam and I... so I just incorporate them with the decorations.

And here is each decorated cubby up close.
These are my favorite Thanksgiving decorations.
Hand made by my mom.
Falling apart and needing to be reglued and repainted.
A gun missing from the Pilgrim man.
And I will always remember these from my childhood.
The Indian and Pilgrim couples.

And here they are close up. I just love them.

I put the wives together and the husbands together for two reasons.
First. I needed to balance out the set up, so two on each side.
Second. Because I needed balance I didn't feel right placing
Indians on one side and Pilgrims on the other....
That seemed counterproductive of the Thanksgiving spirit.

What decorations do you put up?
Are you excited for Thanksgiving family time?
Where are you celebrating this year?


Kimmyyy83 said...

I love the pie knick knack! Love it!!!

Helene said...

i don;t have ANY decorations. i am highly jealous!

eryka {from abcde} said...

I love these soo much!! I love Thanksgiving decor!!!

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