Dear Weekday Outfits,


Well I got a really nice compliment from a lady at my work last week. She said to me, "Deidre, where do you shop? I love the way you dress!" I quickly rambled off where everything I was wearing was from, and she was impressed that I could name it all... so I got to thinking... maybe I will post my weekday outfits all in one post. I am not much for having someone take a photo of my outfit everyday and posting it in detail, but a quick summary might be nice. Also, don't mind my messy room or blue phone... I don't have any photographer friends that I can call just to ask them to photograph me. So I took a picture of myself in the mirror each morning before heading to work! This will improve overtime (I hope) but here are my outfits for this week!

Cardigan: Target(Mossimo) - Sweater:  Forever 21 - Pants: Gap - Shoes: Target
Blazer: Forever 21 - Sequin top: TJMaxx - Jeans: Gap - Heels: Shoe Carnival
Jacket: Gap - Undershirt: Downeast Basics - Lace shirt: Downeast Basics - Pants: TJMaxx - Shoes: Target
Top :LaBelle Boutique - Pants: Gap - Heels: Shoe Carnival
Cardigan: Gap - Dress: Target - Leggings: Target - Socks: Forever 21 - Boots: Forever Young Shoes

So there you have it! My outfits summed up, I don't shop somewhere unless I can find some sort of deal... so you will be seeing mostly items from average stores and clearance racks. But once and awhile, if it is an item I have been looking for forever I will splurge.


Chito & Michelle said...

Yay! Love it-do this every week!

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