Dear Relief Society,


I am so grateful that every Sunday I get the privilege of learning from the woman called to teach in Relief Society. This week the lesson was fantastic! It was all about the priesthood and how our Heavenly Father blesses us daily through the priesthood. The four things to remember were:

1. Be teachable an able to be directed
2. Be ready and worthy to act
3. Safe guard and treasure the priesthood
5. Learn, pray, serve, and obey

I am grateful for the priesthood in my life. I am grateful for men who are inspired to teach and can be the Lord's mouthpiece. I am grateful for modern day revelation. I am grateful for blessing of health and comfort. I am grateful for a father that was always worthy to use his priesthood and wanted to give me a blessing in times when I needed it most. I am grateful to be dating a man that believes the same principles and honors the same priesthood which has become so vital in my life. I know that the priesthood is part of the foundation of the church and that the miracles from the priesthood are real.

And on another note. I am grateful for Relief Society teachers that bring treats.

Dark chocolate and Relief Society? Yes please!


Sierra said...

Oh, I should have stayed! Haha

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