Dear AC Unit,


Okay... so it should be more like dear crushed AC unit... First let me show you what I am talking about.

Crushed. Dented. Squeezed. Squooze. Squeezed. Smashed. Mashed. You get the point, right? Well let me tell you how my mind projects this poor little AC unit became the way it is. And when I say in my mind, I mean how it actually happened because I witnessed it.

LC* says she wants to go to a dollar movie. LC says she will come pick me up but she will call me when she is at my place. My phone rings, it is LC, so I pick it up and say, "On my way out!" And she says she is out back.

I run out, turn the corner and LC gives me a big smile and hops out of her car. And the car starts rolling, rolling, rolling... sheer panic sets across her face. I just sit there with my jaw dropping. LC hops back in her car, but not quick enough, where is the brake, where is park, what to do? You could tell she was so frazzled as she looked for the brake to stop the car from running into anything... Then CRUSHHHHHHHH... and the sound of mental bending. Hit the brake. Just a moment too late.

LC puts the car in park. Looks at me and says, "I seriously do not know what just happened..." 

Well LC, let me tell you what just happened. Somehow you forgot the car was in park. And when you got out of the car you didn't realize the car was rolling. I could not say anything when the car started to creep forward because this scene from a movie was happening in front of my eyes... I was shocked. You were shocked. So shocked that you couldn't get back in the car and find the brake fast enough to save this defenseless AC unit. And now we are left with the above photo.

The rest of night all we can say is, "Did that just happen?" and "No one can find out about that..." and "Every apartment is individually owned, so who would we call to inform them that their AC might be broken once it warms up?" Well... let me answer the one question I actually can. Yes, that did just happen. In real life.


*Names have been changed to protect the personal lives of those around me.
Sierra said...

Well, I know now ;)

kendra @ little almanac said...

oh no! Hope it still works!

Magical Day Dream said...

Oops.. well at least you are fine :) In a not broken sense that is.. ;)



Darryl Iorio said...

Whoa, it seems be badly damaged! Is your AC unit repaired now? I hope this didn't affect your time with LC. It is purely an accident; too bad the AC unit had to be on the losing end of the scene…


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