Dear Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen,


It is here! It is finally here! I am so excited for another Idaho weekend with more pageant adventures. This weekend I will head up to attend Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen to support all the girls. We have two adorable representatives from our local. Miss Canyon Rim's Outstanding Teen, Abby Bitzenburg, and Miss Magic Valley's Outstanding Teen (my adorable neighbor and adopted sister), Lauren Smith.

Miss Magic Valley, Miss Canyon Rim's Teen, Miss Magic Valley's Teen
Are they not the cutest?

These two have been going, going, going, and now they are GONE! Off to the pageant today. I am so proud of both of them for all they have accomplished this year and I wish them the very best of luck as they compete at state. I know they will make us all proud.

 Lauren and I with Grandpa Jack. Anytime with Lauren
is a good time because she is such a gem and sweetheart.
And my little sister. Love her so much.

I just need to tell you a little more about Lauren. Because she is more than a pretty face and an incredible (I know I didn't mention this before...) pianist. At the teen local she won interview AND talent. Amazing, right? Her platform is Eating Disorder Awareness and she has been promoting it like crazy. She has taught health classes at both junior highs in our home town as well as done an assembly for girls (which she invited me to participate in and an appearance together was awesome) at her own high school. I could not be more proud of "the little girl" down the street. She has grown up so much while I have been at college and I am constantly impressed by the young woman she has become. 

Beyond the teen pageant it is Miss Idaho orientation! And I have to admit, I have never been more excited to meet the class I am competing with. The final pageant takes place tomorrow to round out the competition at 20 girls. And these 19 girls I am competing with aren't ordinary. They are INCREDIBLE. All of them are out serving, continuing their education, working, and volunteering. And they are beautiful to boot. It is our first chance to get together and get pumped for the pageant. And for myself, it is usually the first reminder that I need to be dieting and working out a little more than I already am... how the heck do these girls get so skinny?! Either way. I am pumped. Beyond pumped.

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