Dear Anti-Bullying,


As you may know, my platform for the Miss America Organization is anti-bullying. Well remember my two good friends Ali & Christina that I posted about awhile back when they released their first video? Well they are as cute as ever and have a new song out. And can you guess what it is about? That is right. Anti-bullying.

A boy in their town committed suicide due to constant bullying. This video is dedicated to him. It is a powerful song and I wanted to share it with you.

These two never cease to amaze. Beautiful women on the inside and the out. I respect them as artists, and I love them as friends. I am thankful for their example. I look forward to sharing my message of anti-bullying through this song while supporting to women that mean the absolute world to me.


P.S. Two videos in a row? Well that is exciting.
Rachel said...

LOVE this. Wow, what a powerful song, love it!

Ronida said...

Thank you so much for advocating for anti-bullying. This must really be stopped. A lot of children failed to become their better selves because of so much hurt . Continue doing this. :DD


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