Dear Temple Run,


So Sunday I went to a Super Bowl party with Adam and the baseball team. One of Adam's teammate's girlfriend ( a mouth-ful to say that, right?) is my friend Gloria. Gloria decided to tell me about this game she has on her phone that she loves. I believe her words were, "You don't have Temple Run?! You need to get it. Like now." So I did what she said. I downloaded Temple Run right then... she is right. I needed it. And now I wish I would have never had it. I need to delete it but it is soooo addicting and I love it. So here is to you Gloria for introducing me to a game that will consume all my spare time until something more enticing comes along. 

At least my scores are getting better, right?

Gloria Littlefield said...

hahahahaha i love this :) im so glad i could be the feeder to your new addiction :)

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