Dear Ali and Christina,


Alright. Some of you might know these two girls from Americas Got Talent. They are two sisters that have cystic fibrosis and are creating awareness while living their dreams. They have an incredible story and are huge examples. But they are even more than that.

Ali and Christina are two are the sweetest, most caring, and hilarious girls I have ever met. I have had the opportunity to complete with them through the Miss America Organization. I have competed with Ali in multiple pageants and Christina was at state competing in the teen pageant. These two can brighten any room. And I am so grateful to have them as friends in my life. They are talented and beautiful. They will do anything they can to make your day. They are positive and uplifting. You would never know everything they have to go through on a daily basis because they put everything and everyone else first. I love them. And I am SO proud of everything they are doing.

Rachel said...

Okay, I loved seeing this! & are they from TN? bc that music video (along w/ a ton others including Justin Bieber's mistletoe song!) was filmed in my home town, Franklin, TN! That's so cool & I love that song! I'm going to put it up on my blog! Thanks for sharing!

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