Dear MLB,


Get ready for the next big thing. I am going to brag about him because he wont do it himself. Adam pitched for a handful of scouts yesterday and did AMAZING. I just love to brag about him and tell everyone because I am so proud of him. He will probably get mad at me for posting this, but who cares? I am posting it because I want everyone to know how great he did!

Okay, so he threw a bullpen yesterday at practice and a bunch of scouts were there watching. They were watching a few guys pitch but as soon as Adam got in his groove they all ended up at his net with radar guns. How fast do you think he threw the baseball? 88 or 91? Nope. Guess again. He was sitting at 96 and even hit 97 a couple times! Once that started happening the scouts started to pull out their cameras and film him. Then they walked around to watch his mechanics. I am sure they were all shocked at how great because he just got back from a two year mission to Mexico in July! The majority of the scouts stayed until the very end of his bullpen and a few waited to talk to him after. They are all pumped to see him once season starts and he has a few letters waiting for him.

He is so happy and I am so proud of him.

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