Dear Fall,


Welcome. I have been awaiting your arrival. Reasons why? Let me tell ya.

1st. Boots. There is nothing better than putting on my fuzzy socks and my boots every single day. My wardrobe gets way better once everything starts to cool off. Cardigans, boots, scarfs, and jackets. Yes please.

2nd. Candy corn. Now I know this is only around Halloween time, but it is the start of everything I love. Because once October 1st rolls around the holidays roll around. Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas... also known as my three most favorite holidays! Win.

3rd. Football season. College football = love.

4th. Different colors on the mountains. There is nothing more beautiful than the trees changing colors. I look forward to the fall season every single year. It is perfect.

5th. Pumpkin. Pie, Seeds, Cookies, Bars, Soup, Bread. Pumpkin.

6th. Soup. I can eat soup and not feel like a weirdo. When it is 90 degrees outside soup is not the best idea. When it is -9 degrees outside soup is perfect.

Now I realize a lot of the things I love have to do with food. So.... gym, watch out, here I come. I guess that is a bonus of all those layers? Just kidding. But seriously. Fall season, I am glad you could finally join us here in Utah.

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