Dear Woman In My Home Ward,


Sometimes I sit around and wonder, "Why do I live like this? Is what I am doing really making any difference? Does anyone care if I wear sleeves on my shirt? Does anyone notice that I want to do service? Will it matter if I just live my life and bend the rules a little?" I am in no way saying I am better than anyone around me. I know I have flaws, lots of flaws, and I know there are lots of things I need to work on every single day. But there are so many days when I wonder if life would be more exciting if I just lived on the edge... Then I get a message like this from my mom, "So and so asked how your pageant stuff was going on Sunday. She said that her girls saw your picture in the paper and said Mom she is dressed modestly. She said my girls just love her and look up to her." And that is when I realize... this is why I live the way I do. This is why I strive every day to be a little better. Whether or not I am living perfect, I know I am growing and I know I am setting an example for young girls around me. Thank you for the reminder and thank you for letting me be an example to your daughter and including me in your family's life. Your girls are the reason I want to be better.

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