Dear Gingerbread House,


Every year growing up my family (meaning my Mom while we all hung out) built a gingerbread house. I always remembered building a gingerbread house, but I never remembered what we did with the creation post the holiday season. Over break, I found out what we did. And when I say break I mean Christmas break, which proves how late this post is in coming. My Mom did the cutest thing, she compiled all of the old home videos onto DVDs so we could all have them to watch. One video that came up every year was the annual smashing of the gingerbread house. That is how my family went about bringing in the new year. So after my great gingerbread house date with Conner in which we made this gem (it was also the best looking house of them all)...

... I was wondering what I was going to do with it after the holiday season finished. Those videos were my answer. Hence the gingerbread house smashing Nic and I participated in here...

... this is going to be a great tradition.

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